Sirius Investments SICAV, a CNB regulated fund of qualified investors, is seeking to employ one or more entry level analysts to assist with collecting, interpreting, and organizing numerical and qualitative information for use in the investment process of the company.

Specifically the candidate should have a good grounding in the following skills:

  • Excel spreadsheet work.  Programing, macros, and spreadsheet construction
  • Financial Analysis.  Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis of companies.
  • Market Analysis.  Understanding company positioning in various markets for various products.

The candidate should have a desire to develop the following skills:

  • Financial Market Analysis.  Understanding what drives financial markets and pricing of securities.
  • Portfolio Management.  Understanding the decisions related to asset allocation and individual asset selection in a diversified portfolio of investments. 
  • Marketing.  Understanding the use of various marketing tools to get a product accepted by the customer base.

Sirius Investments concentrates on the field of “Alternative Investments” which are investments in assets not traditionally traded on various stock exchanges.  The multi-national investment team works in the English language and invests globally.   

The expectation is that the intern would work at least 20 hours a week and the position would start June 2018. 

Please submit your CV with an email explaining why you are qualified to the following address: